Tom & Elsy Matz

After graduating Bucknell University with a degree in Business Administration, Tom went to work on Wall Street thinking he would be able to achieve a great lifestyle.  He became a Vice-President of Sales of a NYSE member firm and quickly realized that on Wall Street you can make a great deal of money, but you often pay a very high price.  A large income with high stress and no free time wasn’t the lifestyle Tom was looking for.  Even though he knew there was a great opportunity here, it was through association with more and more successful people that he saw how he could make this business work for him.

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Now, Tom & Elsy enjoy having control of their time while raising a family.  “We’ve never had a problem with working hard, but it’s so much better when you’re working for yourself and your dreams and not someone else’s.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day activities and then wake up one day to realize your dreams have faded away.  We have many friends that say with this business they are able to live, not just survive.” 

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Having lived in Mexico for quite a few years, Tom & Elsy have developed friendships throughout Latin America and actively build the business in English and Spanish.  Today they reside mostly in Kingwood, Texas, spending some time in their North Carolina beach house, and other time traveling around the world.  They travel frequently to Mexico, and have time to enjoy hobbies such as Tom and his guitar playing.  “It’s truly a great business.  We travel around the world showing people a vehicle to make some extra money or even achieve their economic freedom.  That’s the work we do and it can be very rewarding in more ways than financial.”

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