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Suphat & Nhu

Suphat came from a poor family and was a 20 year old engineering student, Praphapat (Nhu) was still in high school when they started their business.  "Everybody told us that we would never succeed because we were too young, had no money, and no experience. They told us we should just concentrate on studying."

"I started this business just to earn enough money to buy a pair of real Levi's 501 jeans, a small dream, but the starting point that lit a fire in my heart. From there our dreams expanded to many things and continue to grow every single day. We have gotten everything we ever dreamed of and many beyond our expectations. Today we are traveling the world and helping many people achieve their dreams as well."

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"A man without a dream is like a body without a soul, or sailing in the sea without a destination."

We chose this business as our final career, the best opportunity to build a happy family and long-term financial security. We learned to develop ourselves by just duplicating the ones who succeeded. We are our own bosses, this is our own business. We control our life and will never work in a job for someone else.


"We learned that if a thousand people say that we can't do something, but we believe we can do it, we can indeed.  If a thousand people say you can, but you do not believe you can, nothing will happen.  It's your belief that makes the difference."

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