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Peter & Barbara Matz

Pete, educated as a Nuclear Physicist, began work with an engineering firm and quickly climbed the corporate ladder.  With a couple hundred engineers under his management, Pete realized he would never be free, unless he had his own business.  When he saw the power of this business, he quickly began to learn everything he could about how to make it work for him.  In only 1 year he was free, earning several times more in his own business than previously on his job!   Pete says that now is the best time ever to build this business.  He is greatly respected for his vision and ability to guide others to build solid businesses that can last a lifetime.

Peter & Barbara Matz have enjoyed a lifestyle for 40+ years that others only dream about!

Pete & Barbara spend about 6 months a year in their private community North Jersey Estate home, a month or so in their Florida home, and several months in their North Carolina beach home.  Equipped with a 4 story elevator and sleeping room for 20, their oceanfront home is very comfortable to spend extended periods of time.  Several Wave Runners, 4 four wheelers and 2 different passenger boats help make hosting friends and associates a fun adventure!  

Since they love to travel, several times a year you will find Pete & Barbara in Asia, Europe, Hawaii, or some other beautiful location enjoying the benefits of the business.  Over the years, they have developed great friendships in more countries than most people will ever visit!

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