Eligio & Betty Gonzalez

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Eligio & Betty have an international business and they focus on helping friends and associates achieve their economic freedom.  Eligio is a lawyer by profession, with a specialty in International law.  When they started their business, they did so because he only saw his children grow up while they slept, and they wanted quality time with them.  After 9 months they replaced their income with their Amway business and ever since then they have not worked for anyone else.

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"When we started our business, many people told us that this would be very difficult and nobody wanted to do it.  I explained to them that it is more difficult to be 50 or 60 years old and have to keep working."  By the time Eligio turned 34 years old, he was able to retire.  Eligio says, "To retire you don't don't require any specific age, just the money."