Stu & Charmaigne Menn


Executive Diamonds

San Diego, California

Topsail Island North Carolina

“I am able to look at my patients as patients, instead of clients.”

With a background in internal medicine and sleep disorders, as a practicing doctor and researcher, Stu was still able to find the time to build this business.  If  As a successful doctor, he had the ability to make an excellent income, but not have the time to enjoy it.  But with the income that this business has provided him, he was able to enjoy his practice without the usual financial pressures and stress.  “I am able to treat my patients as patients, instead of as clients, and minimize the politics and economics of medicine”, Stu comments on stage.

Stu & Charmaigne enjoy traveling around the world building the business and sharing the dream.  They are also enjoy spending time with their son Seth and grand daughter Shad'e.  The business has allowed them to spend quality time together during his growth and development.  They also enjoy their vacation beach home (more like a mansion!) in Topsail Island, NC.